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Pain and Disability Management Council is an advanced rehabilitation clinic that creates a customized treatment plan to meet each patient’s unique medical needs including adult and children.

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We help patients with brain and spinal cord injuries and other serious neurological injuries and illnesses recover at a pace that’s right for them.

Dr Z physiotherapy clinic

Dr. Z Physiotherapy Rehab Center

Neurological programs provide comprehensive care and rehabilitation services for individuals who have had a stroke or suffer from some other neurological disorder. Depending on each patient’s needs, after a thorough evaluation of abilities and limitations, the patient goals and expectations are developed with the professional team, patient and family to attain new levels of independence.

At Dr Z Physiotherapy Rehab Center, our goal is to provide expert rehabilitative care to maximize your recovery process as quickly as possible.

Conditions Treated

Our spasticity clinic uses the latest technology and techniques to evaluate and treat issues related to abnormal muscle tone from brain or spinal cord disorders.


Brain & Spinal
Cord Injuries

Vestibular Balance

Multiple Sclerosis


Amyotrophic Lateral

Guillain Barre

Peripheral Neuropathy

Parkinson’s Disease

Gait Disorders



Muscle Re-Education & Strengthening

Neuromuscular re-education is a technique designed to repair the connection between one’s nerves and muscles to restore normal movement. Our therapists will provide a customized regiment consisting of repetitive movements, posturing, and stimulation designed to reinforce nerve signals for functional movements.

muscle re-education and strengthening
functional electrical stimulation

Functional Electrical Stimulation

Functional electrical stimulation (FES) is a technique that uses subtle electrical currents to activate nerves effecting upper and lower limbs affected by paralysis resulting from spinal cord or head injury, stroke, or other neurological disorder.

Coordination Exercises

Utilizing the latest technologies and techniques, our therapists will implement a customized regiment of exercises designed to re-train lost coordination skills due to a neurological injury or condition.

coordination exercises
gait evaluation and training

Gait Evaluation & Training

Our therapists will perform a thorough evaluation of a patient’s gait and prescribe a customized balance strengthening training program to improve stability and body perception to help the patient re-learn how to walk safely and efficiently.

Balance Training

Weak core muscles contribute to all kinds of problems in the body. Pad’s balance training equipment can help patients strengthen core muscles and help with rehabilitation therapy. State of the art equipment goes from balance pads, balance beams, balance discs and boards to anodyne therapy and the Balance Master.

balance training
wheelchair management

Wheelchair Management

Our experts will educate the patient and his or her family on properly transporting, using, and dealing with the difficulties of using a wheelchair

Modified-Constraint Induced Therapy

A treatment based on the concept of improving the use of the weaker extremity by restricting use of the stronger extremity, modified-constraint induced therapy is research proven to improve arm and hand function in patients with neurological injuries. Studies have shown improvements in reaching and grasping with overall improvements in upper extremity functional performance.

modified-constraint induced therapy
Cognitive therapy

Cognitive Therapy

Cognitive rehabilitation is designed to maximize a patient’s physical abilities, functional skills, cognitive strengths and behavioral self-management.

Other specialty services offered by our outpatient neurological rehab program include:

  • Orthotic device training
  • Instruction on adaptive equipment
  • Home evaluations
  • Training for self-care and homemaking

Pain and Disability Management Council is an advanced rehabilitation clinic that creates a customized treatment plan to meet each patient’s unique medical needs including adult and children.

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